Custom Make Your Uniform!


You can order custom uniforms for your club or team with a minimum quantity of 30 pieces. Be creative, be unique, design your own uniform! You dream it, we make it a reality!

Your team or club will look amazingly unique!

To Get Started

1. Send us your idea by e-mail. It can be a picture of a uniform that you like but want to change or it can be your own sketch.

2. We will send you back a sketch based on your information for your approval.

Reasons to go Custom

1. Don't you just hate it when you go to a tournament and half the teams there are using the same brand, style and even color you are wearing!?

2. Price! Custom uniforms do not cost more than the brand name uniforms your club is purchasing now! They are even probably less expensive and with better fabrics! Give us a call and we can give you a quote on the spot!

3. Some club team's colors are simply not readily available and the few styles that are available are just plain awful! Now you can pick your own style uniform and then change the colors to suit your club!

4. If your club plans to keep their uniforms for several years, most likely, a regular supplier of uniforms will not keep the same design and color in stock. But with a custom uniform, our factory keeps your custom mold forever! So you can easily order as little or as many uniforms as you need them, year after year! At the same original price!

Here are just some ideas for your custom team uniform!


Click here for more ideas!